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College and vocational instructors are individuals who teach at the postsecondary level. Sometimes they are called career and technical education teachers. They teach academic or vocational subjects beyond the high school level.

Vocational instructors help students qualify for a practical trade or occupation. Individuals who aspire to this career must be patient and able to communicate the subject matter in a creative way that motivates their students. College and vocational instructors can work at universities community colleges technical schools trade schools career academies or regional training centers. The students they teach are working toward a degree or toward becoming certified in a skill.

The job of college and vocational instructor includes a variety of tasks including making lesson plans presenting material to students in a form they can understand and keeping track of students' progress. Some vocational instructors also advise students who are trying to choose a career.

Qualifications for this profession range from a bachelor's degree to a postgraduate degree in some cases Master's or Ph.D. The specific requirement depends upon the institution and the subject taught. Those who teach a technical skill for example cosmetology auto mechanics or dental hygiene will need experience and depending upon the state they may also need a license.

It is projected that job openings especially in the vocational area will increase in the coming decade. Earnings for this career vary widely and depend upon the employer the location the subject taught and the instructor's years of experience.

According to Bls.gov the median annual income of all postsecondary teachers is approximately $60000. However some earn less than $30000 and others earn more than $120000.

Common Names: College & Vocational Instructor, Teacher, Career Education Teacher, Technical Education Teacher, College Teacher

Avg. Salary*: $75,000

Salary Range*: $30,000 - $120,000

Job Tasks:

  • Teaches students who have graduated from high school or who have received their GED.
  • Communicates subject matter in a creative way.
  • Motivates students to learn.
  • Presents material to students in a classroom setting.

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