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The world would not function as it does today without electricity. With the invention of electricity came the ability for homes and businesses to utilize light bulbs climate control systems such as air conditioning and electric manufacturing machines. Electricians work to connect wires that provide electrical service to these locations and systems. The training required for this career is extensive because it can be dangerous. Electricians run a high risk of being electrocuted and they must sometimes climb on or crawl into precarious situations. Additionally they must use many types of hand and power tools to complete their work. Electricians work to install new electrical systems and wiring and they are also hired to evaluate existing systems and wiring to determine if they are safe or in need of upgrades to meet current safety codes. The website www.aeteach.com states that after graduating from high school most electricians learn their profession by completing apprenticeship programs that last between four and five years and electricians must maintain a license in order to work. A majority of electricians work in the construction industry but many own their own businesses and complete jobs on an as-needed basis for individuals needing help with a one-time problem or for businesses that may need an on-call electrician to help them with miscellaneous jobs. Other electricians are employed full time by companies that are outside of the construction industry such as power supply companies. The salary range for an electrician is between $11.31 and $31.71 per hour which equates to $23524 and $65956 per year for full-time employment.

Common Names: Electrician, Licensed Electrician, Appliance Electrician, Auto Electrician, Maintenance Electrician

Avg. Salary*: $44,740

Salary Range*: $23,524 - $65,956

Job Tasks:

  • Installs and connects electrical wires.
  • Evaluates existing electrical systems for safety.
  • Upgrades systems to current safety codes.
  • Works for construction companies, electric companies or independently.

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