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Dental assistants can have a wide range of duties in a dental office. Depending on the size of the dental office and whether or not there are other assistants assigned to specific responsibilities a dental assistant may help with jobs ranging from administrative or clerical to work that involves direct contact with patients.

Some administrative duties that a dental assistant may complete include scheduling appointments answering the office phone ordering supplies and filing patient records. When a dental assistant is working directly with a dentist and a patient they may help take x-rays apply fluoride to a patient's teeth take bite impressions and apply topical medications in a patient's mouth.

According to dentalassistantjobdescription.net a dental assistant must be flexible and know that their job duties may vary from day to day - especially in a small dental office that only has one dentist and one or two other individuals working as the dentist's helpers. A dental assistant position usually requires a high school diploma but there are many community colleges that offer two-year degrees in this field.

However many individuals enter the job with just a little bit of experience and then learn skills on the job. In many cases dental assistants who make approximately $13.62 per hour decide to pursue higher level dental positions and thus go back to school for additional training. Additional training can lead to a significantly higher salary. Are you interested in learning more about Dentistry and Orthodontics?

Common Names: Dental Assistant, Dental Administrative Assistant, Dental Receptionist, Dentist's Helper, Dental Care Professional

Avg. Salary*: $27,040

Salary Range*: $24,960 - $29,120

Job Tasks:

  • Completes administrative duties.
  • Helps with managing client files.
  • Schedules appointments.
  • Assists the dentist when patients are in the chair.

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