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Police officers serve communities as protectors and peacemakers. Police officers who are also called "law enforcement officers" are held in high esteem. They have a variety of duties but the goal of their work is to prevent crime and apprehend criminal suspects. Some police officers patrol city streets in squad cars and respond to calls from a dispatcher notifying them about locations where there is trouble. They also pull over cars for speeding or other driving infractions. At the end of the day they write reports detailing all incidents that occurred while they were on duty. Other police officers patrol buildings or grounds on foot checking to make sure security cameras are in working order and investigating instances of vandalism theft and burglary. Some police officers ride horses when they patrol city streets and parks. Police officers usually work shifts that are eight hours long either during the daytime evening or overnight. However they occasionally they must work overtime. According to the website www.career-opportunities.net there is no strict requirement that police officers have a bachelor's degree but some departments prefer to hire those with a two-year associate's degree including courses in criminal justice. Newly-hired police officers go through training at a police academy where they are taught the correct way to use firearms and they also learn the protocol and ethical practices to follow when they are dealing with crime incidents. In addition they are shown exercises that will increase their physical strength and agility. Once they graduate from the police academy program they serve on the police force for a probationary term. Police officers often deal with situations that call for tact diplomacy patience compassion and courtesy. They are expected to demonstrate these characteristics before they are assigned a regular rank on the police force. The website www.indeed.com says that the average annual salary for police officers is $49000.

Common Names: Police Officer, Law Enforcement Agent, Cop, Law Enforcement Officer, Sheriff

Avg. Salary*: $49,000

Salary Range*: $39,000 - $59,000

Job Tasks:

  • Responds to emergency calls.
  • Investigates suspicious activities.
  • Gives speeding and driving tickets.
  • Communicates with dispatchers on a regular basis.

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Regent University

  • Offers associate and bachelor-level programs in Criminal Justice.
  • Program topics include criminal investigation processes and ethics, criminal law, juvenile justice and more.
  • A B.A.S. in Criminal Justice program is also available for students who already possess an A.A.S.
  • Regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Colorado State University-Global Campus

  • Develop and apply basic statistical skills and quantitative reasoning for critical evaluation of quantitative information.
  • Understand the roles, functions, and impacts of an effective criminal justice system.
  • Examine ethical standards and issues in criminal justice processes and in professional decision making including the ever-present tension between crime control and appropriate civil liberties.
  • Survey a range of theoretical approached that explain crime and apply theoretical reasoning and concepts to observations of crime and control.
  • Analyze, from a restorative justice perspective, the needs of victims and offenders and the involved community as an alternative to satisfying abstract legal principals or punishing the offender.
  • Appreciate the investigative profession as a scientific field; sample and apply physical science methods to solve forensic problems.

Miller-Motte Technical College

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Florida Tech

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Daymar College Online

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Centura College

Centura College, with campus locations in Virginia, South Carolina and Florida, is dedicated to helping students gain the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. Drawing from over 30 years of career school experience.



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