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Agriculture economists analyze and determine what factors influence the agricultural economy both nationally and globally and how agriculture of various types can be rendered more productive and also more profitable. Many hold management jobs in agribusinesses that trade in fruits or vegetables manufacture products such as fertilizer or feed or are engaged in food preservation and canning. However some work for the government or even for banks and insurance companies.

Their job is to provide guidance and advice to the agricultural industry on the development and distribution of products that meet consumer demand. They also analyze the means of financing the production of agricultural products that will be the most cost-effective and they develop marketing plans that will make for the most efficient use of resources.

For this profession individuals need at least a bachelor's degree that includes a solid background in economic theory computer skills mathematics as well as familiarity with finance marketing and management techniques. However some employers give preference to job applicants with master's degrees. The website www.florida-agriculture.com says that many agriculture economists begin their careers in management production operations or in sales. Usually they specialize in a certain field or aspect of agriculture.

According to the website Ehow.com jobs for agriculture economists should show steady growth. The salary for this profession varies depending on geographic location employer and experience. On average however agriculture economists earn approximately $69000 a year.

Common Names: Agricultural Economist, Farm Management Economist, Natural Resources Economist, Agricultural Accountant, Food Production Economist

Avg. Salary*: $69,000

Salary Range*: $64,000 - $74,000

Job Tasks:

  • Makes profitable decisions.
  • Gives advice on how to increase productivity.
  • Conducts financial analysis.
  • Sets up production schedules.

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