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Our list of careers now contains 1,000+ individual job and career profiles!  Every profile includes thorough career descriptions and definitions, information on salaries (with ranges and average salary), common job tasks and titles, a listing of schools and professional training options, and quick access to additional resources. 

We researched and developed this list to provide easy access to career information that will help you to wade through all the choices and opportunities available in the marketplace today.  We’ve included a wide range of options in this list with many of the highest paying and top careers available. We also included details on all types of jobs and different industries that offer fun and rewarding future potential to help you get additional ideas as well.

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Emergency Room Nurse

There are many types of nurses who work in various realms within doctor's offices organizations school systems and hospitals. Emergency room nurses work specifically in the ER and are trained to quickly assess medical situations and provide treatment as rapidly as necessary.

Because each patient that enters an emergency room comes in with a unique medical situation which can range from a broken bone to a heart attack emergency room nurses must have a broad range of medical knowledge...

Court Reporter

Get an exciting career in court reporting and stenography.Court reporters are individuals who have a strong interest in the legal system and who are extremely detail oriented. They enjoy organizing and searching for information and they play an integral role in the judicial system. A large part of a court reporter's job is recording spoken testimony that transpires during trial proceedings. This includes recording statements by witnesses and verbal exchanges between lawyers plaintiffs and defendants and judges...

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators who are sometimes called "healthcare executives" are responsible for supervising managing and coordinating the delivery of health care services. Some oversee a facility or an entire system of facilities whereas others might be in charge of a specific department such as nursing surgery physical therapy or medical records.

They are expected to be familiar with the latest computer technology used for delivering health care efficiently and they must be well-versed in the regulatory environment applicable to their place of work...

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