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Searching for a jobAre you looking for a job? So are millions of others. With a high unemployment rate and a mediocre economy in the United States, finding a job is more difficult today than it has been in many years. Nonetheless, there are jobs available for those who are smart, dedicated, and reliable.

When you are searching for a job, you have to keep in mind that there are many other individuals also searching. The task of finding a job is competitive and can take a considerable amount of time. When you send a resume for an open position, you can assume that a least several dozen others also sent their resumes. There have been reports that with the current unemployment levels in the United States, some employers receive hundreds of resumes every time they post a single open position. With statistics like this, and with tough competition from other job seekers, the task of finding a job can become daunting and downright depressing.

According to the website HowtoJobsearchReviews.com, after your resume is ready, “it becomes a numbers game. You want to get that vital piece of paper out there in front of as many potential employers as possible.”

Over-Qualified vs. Under-Qualified

When searching for a job, it’s important to look for positions that are in line with your skill set. Applying for jobs that are too low-level for your expertise will probably cause you to be bored and dissatisfied with your career. You probably won’t even get an interview for jobs that require a high school diploma if your resume states that you have a master’s degree. Along the same lines, it is unlikely that you will get called for a job interview for a position that requires several years of experience – and you have none. Be cognizant of specific job requirements and don’t waste time. Apply for jobs that fit your qualifications.

Have Your Resume Ready to Go at Any Given Moment

When a job is posted online it will appear on dozens of job search websites within minutes. This means that the job posting will receive a huge amount of exposure to job seekers across the nation. Therefore, when you see a job posting that you like and you feel that you want to apply, it is essential that you send your resume and cover letter within minutes of seeing the advertisement. E-mails arrive in hiring managers’ e-mail boxes in chronological order, and you want yours to be at the top. When hiring managers receive 100 or more responses to an advertised job, they usually only review the first 10 or 15 and the rest are ignored. Because of this urgency, it is important to have your resume ready to send at any given moment. If you see a job posting and you decide to wait a day before sending your resume, it will probably be too late.


Just as important as having your resume updated and ready to send to a hiring manger on a moment’s notice is having a list of current professional references available. Many job postings require three items to be submitted: 1) resume, 2) cover letter, and 3) list of references. When compiling a list of professional references, it’s a good idea to tell the people whose names are on the list that they may receive a phone call or e-mail regarding a reference for you. It’s better to let them know in advance than to have them caught off guard if a hiring manager calls.

Where to Find Jobs

Now that you are prepared to apply for jobs because you have a good understanding of your professional skills, your resume is ready, and you have notified your references that they may receive a call, the next step is finding job openings. This can be accomplished using various methods.

Search Online: There are many online job websites that are easy to use and that list jobs according to location, job title, date posted, and keywords. Some of the most popular online job websites include:
• www.allstarjobs.com
• www.monster.com
• www.indeed.com
• www.simplyhired.com
• www.careerbuilder.com

Finding a jobAttend Job Fairs: Job fairs, which are also commonly referred to as career fairs, are usually held in large venues. Usually, several companies set up booths for the purpose of introducing themselves to the job-seeking public.  Those overseeing the booths usually speak with and also gather resumes from those in attendance. Job seekers should attend job fairs wearing professional clothes. And they should use their time at the fairs to pass out their resumes and meet potential hiring managers.

Classified Ads in Newspapers: While it is a lot less common than it was ten years ago, some companies still use printed newspapers and other types of publications to post their job openings. Some companies chose to advertise in newspapers because they do not want to receive an overwhelming response to their job ads, which is what usually happens when a job is posted online.

Browse a Particular Employer’s Job Board: Most large corporations or organizations, such as hospitals, public school systems, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, post their open positions on their websites under tabs that are usually labeled “careers” or “employment.”

Placement Services, Temp Agencies and Recruiters: A great way to get assistance with your job search is by contacting a job placement service, a temporary agency, or a professional recruiter. Placement services and temporary agencies are designed to help companies find qualified and responsible employees by pre-screening them. Recruiters are usually used for highly specialized professions. Some of the top nationwide employment services companies include:
• www.kellyservices.com
• www.officeteam.com
• www.appleone.com
• www.roberthalf.com
• www.accountemps.com

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.

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