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Advantages of Online Degree Programs


Earning a degree onlineHave kids? Have a job? Have a lot of personal responsibilities? Live far from the nearest college? Have a computer? If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for obtaining an online college degree. There are a huge number of benefits to getting a degree in this fashion. Ok… there are some negatives too, but there are pros and cons to just about anything in life. The point is if you are a busy person, an online education might be the perfect solution for you.

While there are advantages and disadvantages to educating yourself online, we are going to focus on the positives in this article. At the end, you will find links to other websites that list additional advantages as well as some disadvantages that you will want to consider before enrolling in an online degree program. 

  • Your Schedule. When you enroll in an online degree program you will have the ability to create your own schedule. This is much different than the requirements of a brick-and-mortar educational institution. When you are required to attend classes in person, you must arrange your schedule around when your classes meet. Conversely, when you are enrolled online, you can attend classes when you have time. This is especially convenient for people who must balance working and taking care of a family.

  • Your Kids. When you have children, it is inevitable that something will happen that requires your attention at the least opportune moment. For example, your child is sick, there is a school fieldtrip that you must chaperone, you have a parent-teacher conference scheduled, your child’s school is closed for a teacher work day, or it snows and school is cancelled at the last minute. In these situations, how would it ever be possible to attend a scheduled class on a campus that is located several miles or more away from your house? The beauty of an online degree program is that issues that always arise with children are almost irrelevant. If something does occur with your children, you can always adjust your schedule accordingly.

  • Your Job. If you are planning to work full-time (or even part-time) while you are enrolled in school, chances are you will be faced with very full days. What happens if you must stay at work to get a project completed? What if your boss asks you to come to the office on a day that you do not normally work? When you attend school online, you can work and take classes at the same time - no matter how crazy your schedule is on a daily basis. If you are enrolled in classes that require in-person attendance you might have a hard time making to every session.  And not attending each and every class makes it difficult to learn and achieve good grades.

  • Your Commute. Raising children, going to work, and attempting to do well in school – all at the same time - can be exhausting. Adding a commute to and from a college campus on top of your job and family responsibilities will only make your day more packed. When you attend school online, you can toss the time spent on a commute out the window because you will be able to attend classes in the comfort of your own home. Subtracting a commute to and from school every day will provide you with an extra half hour or more.

  • Taking online classes and coursesYour Possibilities. An online degree program will provide you with a very similar education to that which would be available at a brick-and-mortar school. Oftentimes, the same exact instructors and professors that are teaching in-person courses are also facilitating online versions of the courses. If attending college in person is either impossible or it is not something that sparks your interest, you can rest assured that an online degree will provide you with the same opportunities and possibilities to further your professional interests.

  • Your Geographic Location. Do you live in a rural area? Or, do you want to attend a college that is located in a different city or state from the one in which you live? If so, neither of these scenarios will prevent you from earning your degree from your desired school. Because the internet is available almost everywhere, an online degree can be achieved no matter where you live.

  • Your Speed. Regardless of whether you want to complete your online degree in the fastest manner possible or whether you want to take the minimum number of course required at a time, an online degree program provides both of these options.

What started as a novelty a few decades ago has become commonplace. Online educational programs have transformed the manner in which people can earn college degrees. It used to be that people who worked or had children would have great difficulty attending in-person college classes. Today, the availability of online degree programs has opened the door to people who truly desire a degree but do not have the luxury of attending school on a campus. Enrolling in an online degree program is the perfect solution for those who would otherwise not be able to earn a degree.

As promised at the beginning of this article, the following are links to resources that provide additional advantages of educating yourself online. Also included are disadvantages that should be considered before enrolling in an online program.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years. 

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