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Career Change

Are you a hard worker?  Try a web based business and become a web entrepreneur.

A Career as a Web Entrepreneur?
The internet offers plenty of business opportunities in several different markets and industries. In this article you will find information about developing an online company.

What fits your lifestyle, freelancing or working for someone?

Working as a Freelancer or Contractor
There are differences between working as a freelancer and working as an employee. This article discusses the pros and cons of freelancing and what to expect when you are self-employed.

Career change, or change employers?

Make a Career Change or Just Change Employers?
Looking for a new career or do you like your profession but may just need a change of scenery?  In this article you will find information helpful to someone who is considering a new profession or is maybe tired of their current job.

Your definition of a successful career?

What is Your Definition of a Successful Career?
The definition of a successful career is defined by each individual.  This article contains information about what a successful career can mean to different people and how they may view success.

Changing Careers
If you are interested in a career change, then the following article can be most useful. There are many topics that will help you decide if a career change is something that you want to do.

What time do you need to invest to change careers?

How Much Time to Invest Changing Careers?
Planning is key when deciding if a new career is right for you, this article asks some basic questions:  How much time is needed?  What are the financial considerations if any?  What career is a good fit?  Read more in this article.

Take some time to think about your career goals

Career Resolutions
What is a career resolution? It's taking time to think about your career goals and the steps to reach them. This article has 7 suggestions to help someone achieve their goals and advance their career.  

A career change can be done during mid-life

Mid-Life Career Change
This article explains what to consider when changing careers later in life.  Since a career change is a significant step in a person's life, it should be carefully done and for the right reasons. 


Career Advancement

There are several ways to improve your career and yourself for job advancement

Top Reasons to Invest In Yourself and Your Career
Having skills and an education are two of the best ways to ensure career stability and career advancement. In this article you will find information explaining how investing in yourself can help move your career forward.

Networking is very valuable when trying to advance your career

Using Business Relationships to Advance Your Career
Are you trying to get a promotion or improve and advance your career? This article provides useful networking tips that will help you develop professional relationships with colleagues and coworkers.

Take your time setting your career goals, it will greatly help you to achieve them

Setting Career Goals and Meeting Them
This article contains information regarding meeting career goals.  Subjects such as setting goals, achieving goals and planning for your future are discussed in this topic.

Liven up your current career using the tips in this article

How to Overcome Career Boredom
Are you feeling tired of doing the same job day in and day out and performing the same tasks repeatedly?  This article contains tips on how to spice up your current career and how to reinvigorate your current job.

There are a few ways to increase your income or earning potential

Increasing Your Earning Potential
Is your income level stagnant? This article provides tips and resources on how to increase your earning potential. Going back to school and taking on extra work are just a couple of methods you can use to increase your income.

Things to think about when planning a career strategy.

Developing and Managing a Career Strategy
Knowing what career you'd like to pursue is only half the battle. Figuring out how to get there is the real challenge.  In this article you’ll find tips and information to help you determine your career interests, plan for career advancement, and land your dream job.

Tips for advancing your career and landing that promotion

7 Tips on How to Secure a Job Promotion
Want to advance up the company ladder and get that dream job?  This article offers tips on preparing for and securing a job promotion.   Being helpful to coworkers, advancing your education and finding companies with ample opportunity for advancement are just a few topics covered.

A career is someone's future, plan it carefully

Writing a Career Action Plan
It's important to map out and plan your career carefully to provide direction. Some career goals to consider are level of income needed, education required and the practicality of pursing the chosen career are just a  few things to plan for. 

Career Advancement
Advancing your career may be simpler than you think. This article explains all the options you have in furthering your career. From College to Networking it can be as simple as you want it to be.

What are your career goals?

Tips on Setting and Keeping Career Goals
Set goals in your career that are realistically attainable, not every goal needs to be impossible to achieve.  This article offers that tip and many others when considering where you want to be in a career.

Earn a degree online and advance your career

Education for Job Advancement
Earn a degree to give yourself that competitve edge.  Become a more valuable asset by improving your skills through education to help you get that promotion.

What career is right for you?

Career Self Assessment
There are several factors to consider when choosing a career.  Everything from personal interests, strengths and weaknesses, personal life and other things can play into deciding what career is right for you.


The Job Search

Tips for gaining an edge over the competition during your job search

Out-Smarting the Competition in the Job Market
Find advice and strategies to help give you the edge over the competition during your job search. Information about communication tips during your interview and a list of suggestions to help find a job can be found in this article.

Searching for a Job
The following article will aid anybody looking for a job.  There are many valuable links for a large variety of websites as well as information and tips that will help you land a successful job.

Job Networking Tips

Job Networking Tips
Developing a strong network of resources can be key to finding your next job.  The following article provides tips on how to build and maintain a valuable list of contacts.

Pros and Cons of part time jobs

Pros and Cons of part time jobs
There are many advantages and disadvantages working part time jobs.  This is a very informative article that goes over all the pros and cons and also certain situations where this may be an ideal job for some.


Job Market

It is possible to be a full time mom and work full time from home!

Can Full Time Moms and Dads Work Full Time From Home?
Raising a family can be a full time job in and of itself. Is it possible for full time mothers and fathers to also work a full time job from home?  This article explains how parents can balance their career and family life while working from home.

Turn unemployment into self-employment

Unemplyment Into Self-Employment
Sometimes it is faster to start your own business than to find a job with an employer.  In this article you will find information about starting a small business and how to become self-employed.

What are some ways to become a consultant in your industry?

How to Become a Professional Consultant
Are you an expert in the industry for which you currently work? Are you knowledgeable enough? This article explains different paths to becoming a professional consultant and how to begin a consulting career.

There are skills people can develop that will help them survive a recession

Developing Skills to Make Yourself Recession Proof
In a poor economy, are there skills or training you can obtain that may help you survive a recession? This article explains a few different ways a person can survive a downturn in the economy. 

There are several jobs out there that are considered fun.

Finding Fun Jobs
Finding a fun job can be difficult because this type of career is highly sought out. This article lists popular, unique and adventurous jobs and some information about fun careers.

Are there recession proof jobs out there?

Are There Recession Proof Jobs?
No job is really 100% recession proof, but there are some careers that have a good chance of making it through one.  The article lists 10 jobs that possibly could be resistant to a poor job market.

Pros and Cons of part time jobs

Next Generation Jobs
Searching for a job can be a stressful process so when you set an interview it is important to prepare. Why go through the work of getting the interview and then not be ready? The following article will help you be ahead of the game.


Job Interview

The appropriate attire is one of the keys to a good job interview

Interview Attire:  How to Dress for Success
Making a great first impression during a job interview by wearing professional attire is essential. In this article you will find tips on what to wear and also what not to wear to important interviews.

Job Interview Tips

Aceing Your Job Interview
The worst thing anyone can do while going into an interview is going into one unprepared.  This article explains the Do's and Don'ts as well as offer tips to help the job seeker in an interview.


Resume Writing 

To get that interview you need a strong resume to stand out of the crowd

Resume Resources
This article provides lists of helpful books and ebooks, websites and more to help put together a professional and effective resume.  Utilize some of these resources to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

Tips for writing an effective resume

Tips for Writing a Resume
The main function of a resume is to get an interview and is also a way to sell your talents and skills.  With today's competitive job market, you need an effective resume to stand out of the crowd of candidates.


Tips for the Workplace

Leadership skills can set you apart from the rest

Developing Leadership Skills
Every group has a dynamic and included in that is the leader.  Leadership skills can help set you apart from your competition so developing these skills can give you an advantage in the workplace.

Time Management
When multi-tasking, time management can be key to help you stay on top in this fast pace working enviroment.  Planning and prioritizing are a few tips this article discusses to help the working person manage their day to day job.



An education does lead to higher salary levels

The Costs and Benefits of a Higher Education
The following article explains the pros and costs associated with earning a degree or certificate from a college or university.  Earning potential and having an advantage competing for a promotion are a couple of benefits a higher educatiion may provide.

You will earn more money over the course of your lifetime with a degree

Higher Education Means Higher Pay
This article explains what degrees and colleges give perspective graduates a chance at a good paying career.  Find out what industries are known for having jobs that have a high earning potential.

Popular and Higher Salaried Degree Programs

Highest Paying and Popular Degrees
Learn what degree programs payout the higher salaries in this article.  Also included are the most popular college majors and the current top trending industries to land a job in.

Going Back to School

Considering Going Back to School?
There are several factors when considering going back to college such as costs and time requirements. The following article can help someone decide if continuing their education or going back to school is right for them.


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